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DB Tactical is a retail outlet which specializes in tactical gear and equipment. We sell a wide range of combat gear and accessories to suit your needs. Our aim is to distribute the best quality products at the most affordable price. Our friendly staff is available to assist you with the best products to suit your needs.

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Our vision is to have tactical stores worldwide. We aim to be up to date with the latest gear and gadgets on the market for our customers convenience.


We strive to supply the public, as well as our public protectors with the best equipment, and make sure we all equip ourselves to be able to defend ourselves should danger come our way. We also want to empower individuals to act in self defence should the need occur and not live in fear or feel hopeless. We aim to grow Db Tactical to be able to offer a wide range of tactical gear and wear.


DB Tactical was established when we realised that there was a need for tactical equipment by law enforcement as well as security personnel. When working on the field there is no room for mistakes or any faulty equipment. When working on the field we as public protectors need to have reliable and easy to use equipment to be able to carry out our duties to the best of our abilities.

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