Belly Holster



Belly Holster

  • material stretches to fit up to a 40 circumference
  • Elastic holster fit subcompact, compact and even full size pistols and revolvers
  • Spare magazine pocket and optional use retention strap provided for an extra mag, knife, torch etc
  • Can be worn inside the waistband cross body, appendix position is
  • Most versatile and flexible holster available for concealed carry
  • Most comfortable to use deep concealment with a pistol or revolver
  • Support a wide variety of pistol with a single holster
  • Breathable to help prevent any irritation from wearing a holster which generally only gets exponentially worse over an extended period of time
  • Has a spring steel reinforcement
  • Makes sure that it retains a rigid platform for you to draw and re-holster your pistol
  • It also makes sure that this holster will last over time
  • There is an extra fitment to your specific pistol, that makes sure that you have a properly secure and state way to carry your firearm
  • It allows you to carry your essential cards and a place you can keep your money while being discreet
  • High quality materials and craftmanship
  • Able to train with it
  • The band is fastened with industrial strength hook and loop fabric
  • Comfortable to wear and with the adjustable retention there is no concern about loosing your gun
  • Gun draws very fast and you can re-holster without looking
  • Available for identifier and patches
  • Can be rotated left or right hand, draw to fit your carry preference
  • Concealment holster is perfect for runners, joggers, and everyday carry
  • You can wear it with anything suit and tie, jeans, leggings, gym shorts etc
  • Can handle the weight of your firearm
  • Adjustable in waist size
  • Colours are black and navy
  • Fits sizes of small medium and large, XX large
  • Belly Holster is a versatile tactical airsoft holster


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