• Blackhawk products
  • Military belts
  • Material of nylon
  • Colours are black, green and bronze
  • Size 115cm, 1.3m with 5,5cm
  • Weight is of 0,3kg
  • Adjustable belts
  • Heavy duty, tear resistant, very comfortable
  • Plastic buckle
  • Versatile belt
  • Manufactured by ATIC
  • Nylon provides the ability to disinfect blood
  • 5 layer laminate
  • Less weight than leather
  • It is thick and fits a magazine pouch of a double stack 9mm mag
  • Top part is 2 inches tall/wide
  • Lower description is 2.25 inches wide
  • Height of the belt works well with the back harness
  • It is very flexible but sturdy no roll
  • Great built quality, super rigid belt, small range of adjustment
  • High grade compounding
  • Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistant
  • Requires only a little retention and less drive maintenance
  • It is very much breathable
  • Applicable for outdoor activities
  • Sizes go to small which is a 34, medium 41 and large a 51
  • Hook and loop secures running and able to add things around it
  • Applicable for work in a patrol or custody setting
  • Holds shape and accessories well
  • The size is adjustable and can fit up to 51 waist
  • Ideal duty belt with an inner and outer
  • Made to hold pounds of equipment such as pistol and holsters
  • Knives and batons, handcuffs, sheaths and rescue tools
  • It holds the weight properly without sagging
  • It is a fall protection device
  • It is designed to be extremely tough and durable
  • Military uses webbed belts which are the type of belts that utilize webbing and a buckle that typically uses friction for tension
  • The belt is reinforced with stitching and heavy duty tensile strength
  • Some are made of multiple rows of reinforced stitching foe added strength and stability
  • Also coyote brown is authorized for the army
  • The tactical belts are typically 2.25 inches wide and made of leather



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