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Face Mask

  • Gives the ability to breath comfortably and great protection
  • Colours are within black, grew, woodland, night grid, desert, range green, stealth black, black, kangaroo, ox blood
  • Offers durability, comfort, safety, and function
  • It is reusable and washable
  • You do not have to constantly buy a new mask
  • It offers longer protection without the discomfort of standard masks
  • Best features of the mask is that it offers excellent protected ventilation
  • It is a great all day wear
  • You can use it when running or hit the weights
  • Sizes are small, medium, large and extra large
  • It offers protection against the sun and other elements as well, it does more than stop sunburn in its tracks
  • If you have experienced the burn of hot brass coming from your rifle, you would love this since it will help deflect it from your skin
  • Keeps your face free from dust and sand
  • The seamless, high- stretch material makes it comfortable fit while offering maximum protection
  • For those who are always on the move, you can stay confident that the mask will stay firmly on your face
  • The masks lightweight and flexible design allow you to hold and store it easily
  • 10 or different colours you can get can get you a mask that matches your personality and style
  • The patriotic design of the mask is stylish and trendy
  • Most tactical face mask allowing various wear styles to complete any mission
  • Made of quick-drying fabric that has a moist-wicking, door-resistant liner
  • Designed with free face panel shaping for an excellent fit
  • Excellent chance for those who want a serious tactical face mask option
  • Protects from high humidity and flying particles

Black, Military Green


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