• It is an essential tool for cops, it can be a great hobby for other users
    • Comes with a lot of advanced features and great overall capability
    • It allows you to listen to all types of things covering a wide range of frequencies and channels
    • Professional two way wireless communication hand radios with a long range ( WALKIE TALKIE)
    • The frequency range is 3-5km in city and 5-15km in an open area
    • This professional radio has 16 open channels that can be utilized
    • The hand radio is tilted with a 1500mAh battery ( Li-ion battery )
    • Estimated standby time from one charge is 6-7 days (one week )
    • Dimension at the radio is 115mm x 60 x 33mm
    • Weight of the radio 470g
    • Operating voltage DC 3,7V
    • The radio can be used for travel, sport, security, business/warehouse communication
    • This walkie-talkie has a longer distance range which is suitable for business activities like construction, schools, church and warehouse
    • The walkie-talkie has a build in flashlight
    • The walkie-talkie has: power switch/ volume control



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