METAL DETECTOR – The Super Scanner is a high-performance Metal Detector designed to meet the exact needs of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects or anywhere where hidden metals may be found.


  • Power voltage: 9V Standard or Rechargeable battery
  • Power: 270mW
  • Operating Frequency: 22KHz
  • Operating Current: <50Ma
  • Operating Voltage: 7V-9V
  • Operating Temperature: -5C degrees to +55C degrees
  • Net Weight: 230g
  • Dimensions: 41(L) X 8.5(W) X 4.5(H)cm


  • The MD-300BI operates on one 9volt standard or rechargeable battery. To install the battery slide off the battery cover and place the battery into the compartment while matching the +- symbols
  • Turn the unit on by pushing the on/off switch until it clicks on and the green LED is lit. Switch (8) is a three-way switch, when it is in the middle, it means switching the power supply off. If it is at one side of the switch, it is a sound alarm and when it is on the other side of the switch it is a vibration alarm
  • The presence of metal will be indicated by the audio warning tone and the red light coming on. If the detector is held still over the metal object, the detection signal will automatically reduce, therefore it is important that the unit is continuously scanning the surface when in use.


  • The sensitivity of the detector is determined primarily by the size, shape and composition of the object to be detected.


                  MAXIMUM DETECTION RANGE:
38 Caliber handgun   15cm 20cm
Pen knife  10cm    15cm
Razor blade 5cm 10cm

Low Sensitivity Operation:

  • Press the low sensitivity switch during detection, scanner will then only respond to bigger metal objects such as a handgun, knife, etc and will not respond to small metals such as coins, keys, hatpins, etc. Do not release the low sensitivity switch until you complete low sensitivity detection.

Rechargeable Battery Socket:

  • You may use a 9volt rechargeable battery to power the detector
  • It takes four to six hours to fully charge the battery. The battery charger socket is located at the side of the detector.
  • Note: Turn off the detector when charging it.

Vibrator Button:

  • The detector is equipped with a vibrator also inside of the detector.
  • Vibration function should be used in noisy work situations or in a place where the operator does not wish for the audio tune to be heard in his surrounding area.
  • Note: Batteries and charger not included

Silver, Black


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