• It is incredibly convenient
  • You can easily take off and apply
  • Keeps your face warm in colder hunting seasons
  • Used for cover up shine, break up harsh outlines, and blend into the surrounding scenery
  • Colours of applying blotches in brown, tan, black, and green paint
  • It helps with counter shading
  • Its top or higher point appear lighter and bottom points appears darker which gives the object obvious silhouette
  • Used to help blend into surrounding foliage to conceal their presence
  • Comes in a variety of shades and is often designed to last long times without reapplication
  • It I relatively simple to apply
  • You can guide the camouflage paint over your face to evenly spread colours
  • You can easily remove it with soap, water, and a cloth
  • You will not normally need special gear or chemicals to scrub out the paint
  • Camouflage pin handle moderate elemental exposure and will work well alongside your hunting gear
  • Extreme temperatures of either cold or hot does not affect
  • Face paint will generally melt or freeze in extreme temperatures and should be stored in or around roam temperatures
  • We have some common camo face paint pattern that include:
  • Military break up, series of three colours randomly painted on a face
  • Blackout, completely putting black paint on your face to achieve shadowy look
  • Diagonal streaks three colours painted in diagonals line across the face
  • It dries to a hard finish that resists corrosion and abrasion
  • Will not chip or peel under harsh condition
  • Provides visual characteristics of true camouflage cover superior quality anti-corrosion paint performs at temperature up to 300f
  • Military colour patterns apply to metal or wood
  • Very much reliable and does not give you bad skin after effects
  • No problem with a little paint as it will not affect you in any way

Silver, Black


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