• Heavy duty polymer
  • Pistol sling connects to your belt and pistol to secure pistol
  • High quality spring/steel wire
  • Quick release socket
  • Nylon webbing/made of polypropylene and elasticised carol
  • Multi angle connecting ring
  • Fits to any hand pistol
  • Colour are black, brown and green
  • Light weight of 75g
  • Length of approximately 19.7in and can extend to 53 inches
  • Included components gun-belts
  • It has a lanyard loop hole built on it
  • Lanyard includes a fully adjustable belt loop that has side release buckle to facilitate detained the retained weapon
  • Lanyard highly useful during operation in marine environments
  • Package included 1X tactical pistol lanyard
  • Secures sidearm on your belt
  • Allows full extension shooting
  • Made of coiled telephone type wire with a black rubber exterior laminate
  • Attaches to your weapon
  • Quality tested in the field
  • Coil style
  • Ideal for security, law enforcement, hunting, outdoor activities, self defence, tactical, sport shooting, paintball, airsoft
  • Keeps firearm accessible if dropped
  • Does not retract firearm but prevent loss
  • Easy movement while operating inside tight spaces
  • One point sling influence the mobility of one point connection for direct activity
  • High density bungee cord
  • Constructed of durable 1.5 nylon
  • Positive locking hardware
  • Adjust to your needs
  • Prevents accident disconnection
  • This Retention Cord keeps connections clean and dry
  • It keeps the connections safe and is water resistant
  • A simple to use retention device for all appliances, power tools and lighting when connecting to extension cords
  • Everyday carry, duty, sport shooting
  • The loop portion of the lanyard easily attaches to the lanyard ring in the sidearm, including small lanyard slot in the SIG weapons
  • It is well engineered and has a programmed breaking strength of approximately 100 pounds to prevent serious injury in an unlikely event the weapon becomes caught in machinery
  • It is constructed of nylon and polypropylene to strict specification

Silver, Black


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