A self-defence flashlight disguised as a lipstick


Self-defence flashlight which is disguised as a lipstick is a great tool for self defence

Its compact design makes it easily transportable – at a height of 11cm, it’ll fit right into any type of bag with no difficulty!

The product is designed to be discreet and look like a makeup accessory

Boasts a standby battery backup of 30 hours and is rechargeable.

The flashlight is powerful and can be used independently as a source of light.

The lipstick is designed to be concealed and disguises as an everyday object.

The delf defence lipstick is legally permissible as a self-defence tool and can be carried on one’s person as long as it is allowed in the city/ state. Benefits of equipping oneself with a self-defence lipstick. Buys you more time to escape the site and get help.

Gives you the power to handle multiple attackers. The effects last for up to 5 mins, leaving no permanent damage.


Our products are designed to be as simple to use as we can make them. The self-defence lipstick has two switches – one to activate the shock the other to activate the LED torch.

The self-defence lipstick needs to make contact with the attacker’s body to be effective, sending a wave of electric shock through their body, without an actual injury. The goal is to prevent the attacker from getting to you, and to give you time to regain control of the situation.

The effects are not meant to be permanent; the attacker will regain full functioning within a maximum window of 10 minutes.

Warning: This product is to be used for self-defence and/or other legally permissible purposes only. The responsibility to ensure that the product is used in a legal manner lies with the user.

Please read the instruction manual prior to use


What’s in the package?

A self-defence lipstick and a charger



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