SHOULDER HOLSTER double magazine pouch

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Shoulder Holster  РUniversal adjustable shoulder holster

  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Adjustable and reversable thumb break system
  • Belt straps
  • Quick release buckles
  • Double magazine pouches
  • Padded shoulder
  • Adjustable elastic shoulder strap
  • Can be worn inside or outside jacket
  • Accommodates 9mm pistols and revolves
  • Compatible with all most all magazine types
  • Holds two magazines in each pouch, and feature elastic straps on the sides that allow them to lay flatter when not in use
  • The single pouch is compatible with at least one of all type on STANAG magazine, and can accommodate single magazines of G36 magazines and AK magazines
  • The horizontal shoulder holster is made for comfort
  • The wide pads on the shoulder harness virtually eliminate the discomfort traditional suspender or strap harness can cause after a long day of wear
  • The double strap harness clips connects to a holster on one side and a double mag pouch on the other and because the sides are interchangeable
  • The holster itself includes an adjustable thumb break keeping your gun secure no matter how much you move
  • The shoulder holster features a horizontal orientation
  • It has a double magazine pouch of autos
  • It has an adjustable padded shoulder strap, with a holster that that has a plastic adjustable thumb break
  • The outer layer is of ballistic nylon, the inside has a vinyl vapour barrier to keep moisture off your gun, foam padding and nylon lining
  • Stitched with strong bonded nylon and double stitched at pressure points
  • Edges turned under to prevent fraying
  • All Velcro is hidden by webbing to prevent foreign debris
  • Comes custom fit for your make and model
  • Highest level of security from both RFID scanning and pickpocketing
  • Durable nylon for anti-scratch and water resistance, breathable mesh material for comfortable wearing, suitable for both cold and hot days
  • Has front pockets too

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1 review for SHOULDER HOLSTER double magazine pouch

  1. Riaan Kachelhoffer

    Awesome Holster, very comfortable and GREAT PRICE.
    I would give 10 stars for this product as well as the shop (Norman) if I could.

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