Single Sling

  • Adjustable tactical two point rifle sling with a metal hook
  • Makes it fit all people
  • More convenient for outdoor use
  • Material is 1050D nylon fabric
  • Dimension 130cm-180cm with a weight of 293g
  • Professional release clips with swivels
  • Colours are black, brown and green
  • It is stretchable
  • Double clips can be made singular
  • The single rifle slings can be found in army green, tan and black colours
  • Great use in close quarters hence it does not restrict your movement with your rifle
  • Able to keep your firearm at a side and allows you to aim or shoot either side if your shoulder without adjusting it
  • It is good for airsoft rifles and similar rifles
  • It is reliable and a durable metal hook
  • Very comfortable and your shoulder will not experience any pain of some sort
  • It is soft, high strength, light weight
  • Quick release buckle for emergency break off
  • Easy access and moving of sling to any situation
  • Double rifle has two point slings and is durable and wearable
  • High quality nylon material
  • Easy to add or remove sling
  • It is very much equipped with snap hooks
  • Designed/made up of elastic cords
  • And a thumb loop length adjusters
  • The length is up to 158cm
  • The sling adaptor is metal hook and swivels
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Suitable for hunting
  • Quick transaction from a single-point to two-point configuration
  • Can be used for hosting equipment used to carry
  • It is versatile and can be used as a strap, lanyard, safety rope etc
  • It is mounted on rifles and shotguns
  • Tri-lock system to prevent accidental release
  • Non slip nylon webbing
  • No plastic on attached to it
  • It has a solid buckle
  • High-strength metal buckle
  • Easily carry your carbine through the fields, mountains by hooking it to a rugged tactical sling

Silver, Black


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