Tactical Combo

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This combo includes:

-1x Thigh Holster

-1x 2-piece Tactical Belt

1X Thigh Rig



This combo includes:

-1x Thigh Holster

-1x 2-piece Tactical Belt

1X Thigh Rig


The belt consist of two sides, one for wearing through the pants loops and the other attaches with velcro.

The inner part of the belt works as a normal pants belt and the outer part carriers all the equipment e.g holster, and pouches. This belt attaches together with heavy duty velcro for long lasting use and can be adjusted to required size.

The outer part of the two piece belt has a slide in pocket for cable ties and carries a detachable holder for keys and small items to hang from. The belt is secured by a quick release buckle and a adjustable velcro strap. This two piece belt is firm and can endure heavy impacts. It i specifically hand made for combat use.

Sizes and Dimensions:

-Medium size is 1meter long and fits sizes 28-34

-Large size is 1.2meter long and fits 36-42

-X-Large size is 1.5meter long and fits 44-50

The width of the belts are 4cm wide

The outer part of the belt keeps your equipment on it for easy wear and go, there is no need to remove all pouches when removing the belt.

Advantages of a 2 piece Tactical Belt

These include: Easy access to your gear. This is often one of the most important reasons to use these belts because they keep your sidearm, first aid kit, magazines, and anything else easily.

The inner belt can be worn alone without the outer part. The material used is a heavy duty type material to ensure a long time usage.


This tactical thigh holster accommodates most hand pistols with it being fully adjustable.
The holster is made from Heavy duty material for Long lasting usage.
The leg straps are stretchable and can be adjusted to preferred size for comfort.
The thigh holster is great for quick draw and safe carry.
The length around the thigh as well as the length from the belt down the leg can be adjusted. The pistol pouch can be adjusted and secured.
A heavy duty buckle is used for quick release and long lasting.

This thigh holster is available in left and right handed and is only available in black color.

A velcro piece is attached onto the part of the holster which folds around the belt for extra securing.

The thigh holster is made with precision using tough material to endure all aspects it encounters while being in use in the field. It can stand against rain and hard impacts.


-A damp cloth can be used to wipe off all the dust from the holster.

-A small brush can be used to clean in-between difficult parts of the water using only water

-Wetting the holster with only water while cleaning it would not damage the material or quality of the holster.


-The holster can be stored almost anywhere due to its size and flexibility.


-One advantage is that thigh holsters allow you to carry a firearm in a more easily accessible position. Because the holster is attached to your thigh, you can reach down and draw your firearm more quickly and easily

-Most equipment can’t be stored on your thigh, but your firearm can. By using a thigh holster, you’ll be able to clear up room around the rest of your body, allowing you to carry more.


The Thigh Rig has pouches for:

-Pepper spray/Torch

-9mm magazine


The Thigh Rig is handmade with heavy duty material for long lasting protection. The holster is fitted with a strong quick release buckle which is easy accessible to release the drop leg rig. The thigh strap is stretchable and can be adjusted according to required size. This Rig is made for absolute comfort and wraps around the leg.

Dimensions of the Rig:

-Torch pouch: 19x5cm

-9mm magazine pouch: 12x5cm

-Handcuff pouch: 11x8cm

-Rig size: 23cm side to side


The single biggest pro for a thigh holster is that, when worn correctly, a thigh holster places equipment at nearly the exact spot the hand naturally falls to the side of the body. Hip holsters require the user to reach high up to retrieve the equipment and bring the arm up even higher to remove the equipment from the holster. This type of action is not only slower, but may also be difficult, or impossible, in a close encounter with a attacker. It may also be far more difficult, or impossible, if the users arm becomes injured for any reason.

Easier Access With Non-Dominant Hand
While we’re on the subject of injured arms, an important pro to the thigh holster is that it can be accessed with the non-dominant hand. If the users arm becomes immobilized, they may not be able to access their equipment

Less Weight Around the Waist
With your waist taking on the weight of a heavy pack, a thigh holster allows you to have access to your equipment.

Frees Up Room for More Equipment
Okay, I know I am undoing the previous pro by adding this, but, for those who aren’t concerned about the weight of their back pack, having a thigh Rig will free up some room for other equipment, such as a pepper spray, handcuffs and pistol magazine.



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