Tactical Vest



Tactical Vest – Front side of the battle jacket is adjustable and it’s one size fits perfectly.

  • Material is 600D polyesters
  • Waist range is about 95-145cm
  • Detachable right holster (pistol)
  • It is a radio, phone pouch
  • Detachable mag, touch pouch
  • Magazine pouches
  • Detachable heavy duty adjustable belt
  • Utility pouches
  • Short gun shell holder
  • Colours are green, khaki and black.
  • Back side of the battle jacket has a rubber grip shoulder shooting pad
  • Adjustable shoulder panels
  • Hydration comportment
  • Mole system side adjustable straps
  • Very good for personalised labels
  • Reinforced rescue pull handle
  • Inside of the battle jacket both sides of the waist have wide inside zip pockets
  • The Tactical Vest colours are black and brown.
  • Also available in coyote
  • Breathable mesh liner
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Two hook and loop panels
  • X-large/ XX-large adjustable up to 52 chest size
  • Two interior zipper pockets
  • Vest, belt and holster can be used independently
  • Mesh construction for breathing
  • It has front straps with multiple pockets.
  • Side panels have multiple pockets
  • With zip disclosure
  • Easy to put and take off
  • Tough and durable
  • Fabric has water repellent finish
  • Imported buckle closure
  • Cross draw pistol holder sized to accommodate moat medium framed pistols
  • Built in pouches includes glove pouch, 3-pistol mag pouches, pistol mag 2X, utility pouches and a 3-30 round mag pouches
  • Padded rubber sized shoulders with built in shock stop
  • Condor tactical belt included
  • Size medium (large-up to 44 chest size )
  • Adjustable shoulder and girth
  • Two internal zipper pockets
  • Shoulders on vest can be adjusted
  • Also use when hunting
  • It is wind proof and quick to dry
  • It is sleeveless
  • Ideal as a fishing vest, hiking vest, camping, and many more
  • Its function is the use of scratch resistant, wear resistant, sweat-wicking
  • All the buckles and straps have a lot of room for sizing.


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