Universal Inside Holster



Universal Inside Holster

  • Possesses rust roof iron frame
  • 600D nylon fabric polymers
  • Magazine pouch
  • Passive retention
  • Pouch mechanism applies pressure on the back and sides of the magazine and holds it firmly in place
  • Can be worn left or right side
  • Pistol straps included
  • Strong wear resistance and tear resistant
  • Magazine Velcro straps
  • Gives the pouch active retention and can easily remove any shock cord strap over their current pouch
  • Adjustable retention
  • Compatible retention with most common rifle magazines
  • Does not retain water
  • Flexible mounting for easy attachment
  • Your gun is very unlikely to fallout of the holster and is very difficult for someone to take it out
  • Inside holster are easily hidden most untucked tees and button downs, and throwing on a jacket gives you even more freedom
  • Mag pouch is strong and durable
  • Metal clip and support keeps it hooked on your dress belt or gun belt for concealed carry
  • For belt width up to 40mm
  • Universal Inside Holster carrying way: 1WB
  • Increase passive safety in day-to-day business and thus play a major role in self-safety
  • Mainly used by armed professionals, law enforcements, agencies and/or military personnel
  • Additional safety and holding functions so that the person carrying it will be able to pull it
  • Keeping your IWB holster securely between your body and the belt, you effectively and comfortably conceal your holster
  • Proper design and materials very comfortable, secure, easily concealed as well as functional
  • Comfortable enough to carry it everyday and adequate retention and function correctly
  • The gum is securely held in the inside holster, with the trigger guard being fully covered
  • IWB holster is adjustable
  • Ride height, depth inside the waist hand your IWB holster rides, is a common adjustment
  • Dual flap closing features (clip or hook and loop)
  • Reinforced stitching and hook and loop silencing cover


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